Step 3: Role configuration
Choose your roles!
Each club consists of both mandatory and optional roles.
Based on the chosen governance configuration, you will have different visuals shown.

1. Deposit-based clubs

In deposit-based clubs, the voting power of each member will depend on their contribution to the club's Treasury, as well as their financial rights.
Choose the roles you want to have in your club by selecting them.

2. Role-based clubs

In a role-based configuration, members’ voting power is determined by the amount of votes you assign to each role, while their financial rights are correlated to the deposits made during the fundraising stage, same as for deposit-based club.
When new members join your club and are assigned one of these roles, they will gain a level of voting power defined in this step.

3. NFT-based clubs

In case you've chosen the NFT-based club configuration, you will first need to provide the mint address of the NFT collection you want to build your club around. Only minted collections that follow Metaplex token metadata standard v1.1 can be used for the NFT-based clubs*
Here you will also need to determine the total votes available for voting on your club's proposals. Members voting power is determined by the number of NFTs from the chosen collection they have in their wallet.
When voting on proposals, they will need to select the NFT(s) from their wallet for the platform to approve their vote.
In the next step, you will also be able to choose the roles you want to have in your NFT-based club.
* NFT governance model are built using the NFT voting plugin of SPL governance. The plugin grants governance power to NFTs based on the Metaplex Certified Collection they belong to. Metaplex supports certified collections from version 1.1 of the standard. Only certified NFT collections can be used for the NFT-based governance model.
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