Common questions regarding app.

How long does it take to create a Venture Club?

Creating a club is really simple and with our pre-configurable options, you can complete it in under 1 minute. However, we recommend you to carefully study all the possible options and make the most of what our platform has to offer.

What can I do with my Club?

You can create your club for different purposes - from investing in digital assets, to making use of the tools and features for running your organization or gaming guild. Once you have created your club, you can invite other people to join your club; create a fundraiser to raise capital into a shared treasury; create proposals to vote on general or trading topics; acquire various assets from the funds raised and distribute the funds after trading.

Can I access the Unique dApp on my phone?

The Unique dApp cannot currently be accessed via phone due to SPL wallet limitations, and our platform requires them to be connected.

Which cryptocurrencies can I use to deposit into a Venture Club?

At the current stage, only SOL deposits are available. However, we plan to support multiple currencies and assets in the future.

Are my clubs publicly available for anyone to view?

Yes, all clubs are on-chain and can be seen by anyone. However, the information provided to users who are not members of your club is limited.

Where can I see a list of all clubs I am a part of?

Once you connect your wallet to the platform, a list of all clubs you are a member of is available on your dashboard.

How can I deposit funds to the club’s Treasury?

The club’s founder initiates a fundraiser and sets the cap. Once the cap is met, the fundraiser is over and all club’s activities can start.

Can a club create a discussion proposal prior to holding a fundraiser?

This depends on the governance structure chosen for your club and how the voting power is allocated. In deposit-based clubs, voting power depends on one’s contribution to the Treasury, while in role-based clubs and NFT-based clubs, the voting power does not depend on it. Therefore, if the club has not yet held a fundraiser, or a new fundraiser is active, in deposit-based clubs, no new proposals can be created, while in role-based and NFT-based clubs, a discussion proposal can be created.

Can I open a club with intentions other than investing?

Yes, you can open a club for purposes other than investing. Our platform offers flexibility in setting up a model that will best fit users’ needs. Open a role-based club, add your members and create discussion proposals to comment on any topic. Your members will be able to express their opinion by either accepting or rejecting the proposal.

Which wallets does the Unique Venture Clubs dApp support?

Most of the native Solana wallets are supported by the platform. We strongly recommend using Phantom or Solflare.

Where can I see the assets that my club has invested in?

All assets (i.e NFTs, tokens, etc) can be seen in the club’s treasury. The treasury is a wallet owned by the club where the assets are stored.

Can the club founder remove members from the Club?

This option is not available at the moment. Removing members from the club involves removing ownership rights and returning deposits. We are working on a process to make this option available in the most convenient way for all parties involved.

How much does it cost to create a Venture club?

We do not charge any fees for opening a club. However, since all dApp information is deployed on-chain, there are Solana transaction fees involved that cost around $0.00025 per transaction. At the moment, the cost of opening your own Venture Club starts from as low as 0.05 SOL.

If there is a need to purchase an NFT quickly, how can a club react fast considering the voting requirements? Can management make an executive decision fast?

Purchases can be done as soon as the approval quorum (consensus) is reached. This means that in active communities it can be a matter of minutes. However, depending on the governance structure and voting configuration, the approval quorum can be lowered for specific price ranges which allows the club founder/managers to act fast if needed. Check out the trade approval configuration here.

Can I withdraw funds from the club?

The club’s founder can create a proposal to withdraw funds from the Treasury. After the approval quorum is reached, the proposal can be executed and each member can claim their share of the withdrawn amount.

Can a club founder run away with the club’s money?

All funds raised by a club are on-chain secured and stored and each club should be configured in a way which ensures that neither the founder, nor other roles can make significant decisions without reaching a consensus. For that reason, configurations of all clubs are transparent and visible when browsing clubs on the platform.

What if I, as a club founder, decide to leave the club?

We are in the process of developing mechanisms to replace club founders in case of unplanned circumstances. Mechanisms should ensure that the club’s business can remain stable and operable.

Can you stake UNQ tokens on the platform?

Yes, you can stake your UNQ tokens on the platform and receive staking rewards. Additional platform benefits for staking UNQ tokens are in development so make sure to have enough tokens.

Whom to contact in case of suggestions for platform improvements?

You can fill out the feedback form from the platform or contact us directly on Discord. We will be more than happy to help you.