Common questions about

What can I create on is a platform that enables you to create on-chain entities for investing or raising funds without having to know a single line of code.

What is a Venture Club?

A Venture Club is an on-chain structure designed to help people come together, pool resources and create joint treasuries to acquire, hold and sell various assets.

Why create a Club on Unique Venture Clubs platform?

Web3 organizations are a native internet phenomenon that allow shared ownership, investing and decision-making at scale. Unique Venture Clubs helps facilitate this vision by reducing barriers to entry in this evolving space and allowing users to make fully customizable club structures through a series of governance and financial configuration models.

Who can open a Venture Club?

Anyone with a Solana wallet can open or join a club on platform. However, please refer to our Terms of Use for applicable limitations.

How can I join the Unique Venture Clubs community?

The best way to engage with our community is through Twitter and Discord.