Legal and Compliance
Common questions regarding legal and compliance.
The following information is for informative purposes only. It does not constitute financial, legal, tax, or other advice. We advise that you consult your legal and tax advisors to make the best decisions for your unique circumstances.
Please refer to the Terms of Use that everyone who creates a club has to accept. In case you have a more complex club structure, please contact us so we can assist you regarding legal requirements.

Will you offer support if we want to create a company from a club?

Please contact us for further information.
Unique Venture Clubs is a non-custodial platform - you do not need to have a legal entity if you open a club for the purpose of trading digital assets on the secondary market. However, some of the use cases in certain jurisdictions might require KYC and/or a legal entity such as investing in pre-seed tokens or acquiring equity or a non-digital asset. The use cases will have their own process and regulation requirements.

Do I need to do a KYC to open a club on

No KYC is required to open a club at this time. As we add more features to the platform, KYC might become a requirement for some of the use cases later on.
Please contact us if you are willing to transition your on-chain legal entity to Unique VC.