Roles has created different roles that can facilitate collaboration.
Introducing roles into your Web3 entity is a key component in ensuring efficient governance of all assets and activities. Each member of the club will have an assigned role that will give him certain permission within the club.


The founder is the creator of the club. It can be the founder of a startup or an individual who created a club for a syndicate or a VC.
In investment clubs, the founder creates the club and configures all the settings to match the purpose of the club. He can invite and accept new members and assign roles to them.
In clubs raising funds for their project, the founder has more limited options. He or she can invite new investors, specify how much each investor can deposit, and create a proposal to transfer funds. The founder cannot participate in the fundraising, nor veto or vote on any of the proposals.


Members are club participants that join existing clubs primarily with their capital as a core contribution.
In investment clubs, members are fellow investors who can contribute with their funds, vote on investment proposals, and execute the agreed financial decisions.
In clubs raising funds for a project, members are investors who are invited by the founder to join the club. They can deposit funds, create discussion and withdrawal proposals and trade their club shares. They will be able to influence the deployment of the assets and be involved in post-raise governance.

Manager (optional)

The manager is the person in charge of managing the club’s portfolio. Their role in investment clubs is to propose new deals to invest in. Clubs can have multiple managers.