Create a Venture Club

You can create a Venture Club in only 7 steps.

All users can create or join existing clubs based on their preferences. By creating a club, you automatically become the club founder and gain the associated rights.

Click on the ‘Create club’ button and start your journey!

There are 7 steps in creating your club.

We’ll guide you through them!

STEP 1: Basic Information

The first step in creating a club is entering some basic information and choosing whether you want the club to be open or closed for member applications.

Additionally, you can also connect your club with social networks and upload an image that will represent your club.

Click on the ‘Next step’ and you will proceed to the governance configurations.

STEP 2: Governance Configuration

Governance configuration is related to how members’ voting and ownership rights are distributed and configured.

Choose one of the three offered models and clik on the ‘Next step’ to proceed with the club creation.

STEP 3: Role Configuration

Each club consists of both mandatory and optional roles. Based on the chosen governance configuration, you will have different visuals shown.

In deposit-based clubs, the voting power of each member will depend on their contribution to the club’s Treasury, as well as their financial rights. In a role-based configuration, members’ voting power is determined by the amount of votes you assign to each role in this step, while their financial rights are correlated to the deposits made during the fundraising stage, same as for deposit-based clubs.

Choose the roles you want to have in your club by selecting them.

In NFT-based clubs, you will first need to provide the mint address of the NFT collection you want to build your club around. Only minted collections that follow Metaplex token metadata standard v1.1.0 can be used for the NFT-based clubs*

STEP 4: Add Members

The next step in the club creation process is adding members. The club founder can add new members by entering their public keys and assigning roles.

STEP 5: Fundraising Configuration

Determine how much funds you want to raise with your club. Once the predefined hard cap/amount is reached, the fundraising is finished.

At the moment, the maximum amount that can be fundraised is limited to 200 SOL.

STEP 6: Voting Configuration

In order for proposals to be executed, users need to vote. The club founder, therefore, needs to decide on the following configurations:

  1. General voting - this is the configuration that will be used for all of your future proposals if you do not set specific voting configurations.

  2. Withdrawal - this is the configuration for withdrawal terms.

  3. Trade approval - this is the configuration for specific investment ranges.

STEP 7: Club Preview

Before creating your club, you will be able to preview the club and the chosen settings. Each of the configurations can be edited at this point.

Once the club is created, you will see all the details displayed as seen below:

You can also view your club’s details by clicking on the character icon in the top right corner.

For a more detailed guide, visit our Academy.

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