Use cases platform can be of use to different user personas.

With the help of blockchain technology, raising funds, connecting with investors and projects, executing financial decisions, and managing cap tables can become more efficient and transparent.

Syndicate Investment Clubs

Venture Clubs can be created as SPVs and allow members to discuss investment proposals, pool funds, and invest in world-changing startups and digital assets!

  • Raise funds on a non-custodial platform

  • Assign roles to advance the governance

  • Allocate club shares to individual investors

  • Vote on proposals

  • Manage cap tables with ease

  • Invest in startups or digital assets

  • Withdraw funds individually

Project Fundraise Clubs

Venture Clubs can be created by founders raising money for their projects. Create a fundraising on-chain vehicle and invite investors to deposit their funds and participate in the decision-making.

  • Fundraise on a non-custodial platform

  • Invite and communicate with investors

  • Transfer funds on-chain

  • Manage cap tables with ease

  • Create a legal entity

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