Join a Venture Club

Apply or get invited to join a new club.

Users can browse clubs to find ones that best match their interests, financial objectives and risk appetites.

Clubs can either be open or closed for new members’ applications. If the club is closed for new members, you will not be able to apply for membership but will need to be invited. If the club is open for new members, you can either be invited or can apply to join the club.

Get Invited

When members are added by the club founder, invitations will appear to those whose public keys were provided, as seen below:

You will be able to see all the club’s details and either accept or decline the invitation.

Club membership is achieved when the invitation is accepted and the transaction is signed.

Apply for Membership

If a club is open for new members, there will be a ‘Join this Club’ button.

When you click on it, an application form will pop up as seen below:

You need to fill out the ‘Application motivation’ section and you can send your request by clicking on the ‘Send application’ button.

You will also be able to view all your membership applications on your dashboard. If the application is approved, an invitation will be sent back to you in order for the transaction to be signed.

When you accept the invitation, you have successfully joined a club.

For a more detailed guide, visit our Academy.

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