The tools supporting our platform.

The technology behind consists of four pillars:

1. Blockchain Foundation

Venture Clubs are self-governed investment and fundraising clubs created on the Solana blockchain. The Solana network has a high throughput, viable transaction costs and standards built around NFTs and governance. We have therefore decided to build on its layer.

2. SPL Governance Program

Club activities are managed with the help of Solana’s SPL Governance Program. There are two programs that are part of this component:

  1. SPL Governance (Realms) Program The SPL Governance Program’s main purpose is to provide core building blocks and primitives to create DAOs/on-chain organizations on the Solana blockchain. Each time someone creates a club on dApp, a Realm with the name and defined parameters is automatically generated in the Realms database, and vice versa. This means that if there is an existing Realm on Realms, by connecting the wallet associated to the Realm, the club will be able to register the same name on’s platform.

  2. Unique Clubs Program This is a program that provides specifics for the realization of features such as governance and financial configurations and allows the creation/existence of member lists and roles. In essence, it is an extension of the SPL Governance Program and enables Venture Clubs to support one of the most important crypto values - composability.

3. Configurable Multi-Signature Wallets

Every treasury wallet is a multi-signature wallet that lets club founders choose their quorum for managing assets. This enables club founders to define the number of votes needed for a certain asset-related action to occur.

4. NFT Voting

With the help of Sebastian Bor and the Solana Lab engineers, we have built an NFT-based voting plug-in. This unique feature attributes voting rights based on the possession of an NFT from the collection. This is specifically designed for’s NFT-based voting configuration and represents our contribution to the broader ecosystem.

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