Venture Clubs

What is a Venture Club?

A Venture Club is an on-chain entity created by investors or founders to raise funds, manage assets, and execute their investments. Every aspect of the club is fully configurable and can be tailored to the users’ specific needs.

Venture Clubs allow users to:

  • Create syndicates or VCs with advanced governance capabilities to invest in early-stage projects and trade assets on secondary markets

  • Start fundraising for their project and invite investors to deposit funds and participate in the decision-making process

  • Assign roles with customized voting power, giving some members more or less power in influencing the outcome of proposals

  • Create proposals and specify the required approval percentage for a transaction to be confirmed and executed

  • Allocate ownership over the club's funds based on individual deposits or custom rules

  • Trade club ownership, giving users the ability to buy more or sell their shares in order to become liquid

  • Withdraw their funds with a simple withdrawal proposal

  • Have a clear and automated cap table management, without requiring managers to track individual deposits and withdrawals

  • Store all transactions on the Solana blockchain, allowing a transparent track record

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