Choose the governance model that best fits your needs.
Investment club's capabilities are relative to its structural setup. In order to get the best out of blockchain, and automate the operations, club founders/managers can centralize or decentralize the club to best fit the needs of their investment vehicle.
We have designed three different governance models that allocate certain power to each of the roles. As all the configurations are transparent and visible when browsing clubs, users will be able to know the rules prior to joining.
When creating a club, founders can choose among the following models:
1. Deposit - based
2. Role - based
3. NFT - based
The voting power of each member is calculated based on the amount of tokens one deposits to the club's treasury. The maximum number of votes equals the amount of tokens fundraised.
E.g.: Total funds raised is 50 USDC:
  • Member A deposits: 12 USDC = 24% of total votes
  • Member B deposits: 17 USDC = 34% of total votes
  • Member C deposits: 21 USDC = 42% of total votes
The club founder assigns roles with predefined voting power to each member.
E.g.: The club founder invites members and managers to the club. They assign 10 votes for managers and 5 for members. Therefore, whoever joins the club and is assigned one of these roles will have a predefined voting power.
Voting power is calculated based on the number of NFTs one owns from a chosen collection. One NFT represents one vote.
Note that NFT-based clubs are built using the NFT voting plugin and are enabled only for minted collections that follow the Metaplex token metadata standard v1.1