Governance Configurations
Choose the governance model that best fits your needs.
We believe that an organization's capabilities are relative to its structural set-up. Recent experience from activities of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) show that a fully decentralized model is not quite efficient.
We have therefore introduced both governance and financial configurations.
Governance rights represent members' voting power. Depending on the chosen club governance, there are different types of governing rights models. As all clubs’ info is transparent and available when browsing clubs, users will be able to see the governance configuration prior to joining.
When creating a club, founders can choose among the three predesigned models:
1. Deposit - based
2. Role - based
3. NFT - based
Voting rights are allocated based on the amount of tokens one deposits to the club's treasury. The maximum number of votes equals the amount of tokens (only SOL for now) fundraised.
E.g.: Total funds raised is 50 SOL:
  • Member A deposits: 12 SOL = 24% of total votes
  • Member B deposits: 17 SOL = 34% of total votes
  • Member C deposits: 21 SOL = 42% of total votes
The club founder assigns roles with a predefined number of votes to every member. The total number of votes equals the sum of all votes allocated.
E.g.: The club founder invites members and managers to the club. They assign 10 votes for managers and 5 for members. Therefore, whoever joins the club and is assigned one of these roles will have a predefined voting power. As all club info is transparent and available when browsing clubs, users will be able to see the governance configuration prior to joining.
Voting rights are allocated based on the number of NFTs one owns from the chosen collection. 1 NFT represents one vote.
Anyone is allowed to open an NFT-based club for any collection, even if they do not own an NFT from that collection. The club founder and manager(s) can also create proposals without possessing an NFT from the collection, but all users need to have an NFT from the collection in order to vote and deposit funds to the treasury.
E.g.: If you are in the process of creating an NFT collection* or plan to acquire NFTs from an existing collection, you can create a Venture Club and proposals within the club prior to having the NFT(s) in your wallet. However, any club member who wishes to make a deposit into the club’s treasury or vote on proposals needs to have the NFT(s) in their personal wallet in order to do so.
*NFT based clubs are built using the NFT voting plugin and are enabled for minted collections that follow Metaplex token metadata standard v1.1.0.
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