UNQ Tokenomics & Utility
Learn about token - UNQ.
UNQ token is a utility token for the platform. It adds value to platform users in different ways, as listed below. At the time of club creation, no new tokens are issued - voting power, financial rights, and roles are governed on-chain.
UNQ is currently listed on the following exchanges and liquidity pools:, MEXC Global, Orca, Raydium


Token Info
Circulating Supply
Vesting Schedule
Token symbol: UNQ
Token type: SPL
Total supply: 500,000,000
Total raise: $3,450,000
Staking rewards: 25%
Team and advisors: 20%
Treasury: 16%
Seed: 15%
Foundation/Liquidity: 10%
Strategic: 7.5%
Marketing: 4.42%
Public: 1.56%
IEO: 0.52%
Public - 50% at Token Generation Event (TGE), 25% at 3 months, 25% at 6 months
Strategic - 10% at TGE, 90% with 9 month cliff, 9 month vesting
Seed - 5% at TGE, 95% with 12 month cliff, 12 month vesting
Team and Advisors - 24 month cliff, 36 month vesting

Utilities available:

Utilities coming up:

  • UNQ Universe NFT collection: Buying evolution points to upgrade UNQ Universe NFTs.
  • Governance rights: Gaining governance rights within the platform.
  • Unlocking platform functionalities: Accessing a wider range of features on the platform.
  • Discount on platform fees: Reducing costs of engagement.
  • Special perks: Accessing additional benefits.